Darkness Rises for PC Download (Windows 10/11)

Darkness Rises is a new action RPG that features stunning graphics, inventive gameplay, and challenging bosses. It is developed by the Nexon company. In this thrilling game, the darkness descends upon the earth, bringing with it a swarm of vicious demons poised to breach our defences. You are about to embark on an epic fantasy role-playing game — the route will be difficult, but you must endure and descend into hell yourself in order to beat this evil before it ruins the world.

Today we will discuss the perfect solution to Download Darkness Rises on your Laptop or Desktop Machine with Windows and Mac Operating systems. Yes! Now lets get the tutorial started!

Darkness Rises PC Download
Title Darkness Rises
Category Action > Game >
Created on 2022-03-30
Updated on May 30, 2023
Requires Windows 7, 8, or 10
Downloads 500,000,000+
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Method 1: How to Install Darkness Rises on PC for Free

You must use an Android emulator to install Darkness Rises on your Laptop or Desktop because there is no official version offered on the Windows OS and MAC system.

Follow this step-by-step procedure to install Darkness Rises on your Laptop or PC:

Step 1: First of all, we need an Android emulator. You can use your favorite one. In this instance, Bluestacks will be used. Bluestacks is available for free download from the official website.

download bluestacks

Step 2: Once downloaded, install it on your Laptop or PC.

install bluestacks

Step 3: Now complete the login procedure.

sign in with google account

Step 4: Now search for Darkness Rises on the Google play store.

search Darkness Rises on play store

Step 5: Once you find the correct and official app, click on the Install button and the installation will start automatically on your emulator.

install Darkness Rises

Step 6: Once the app/game is installed, you can see Darkness Rises icon on your desktop. To launch the Game, click on it.

open Darkness Rises

And it is done! This is the simplest method for downloading Darkness Rises for a Desktop or Laptop and using it on Windows or MAC.

Method 2: How to Install Darkness Rises on PC using APK File

You can use the second way if the first technique fails to download Darkness Rises from the Google play store.

We will Run apk file to install it on the emulator in this approach. Let’s start!

Step 1: The first step is to get an Android emulator, install it, and run it. You are free to choose any of your choices. I am going to use Bluestacks in this case. Bluestacks can be downloaded from its official website.

Step 2: Simply install it on your Desktop or Laptop machine after you have downloaded it. You can omit the login process because Darkness Rises apk file is being used to install the Game.

Step 3: Collect the apk file and drag it into the Android emulator to begin the installation process.

Step 4: After that, you can use this game on your Laptop or PC in the same fashion that we did previously.

Please note that it is very important to make sure that the source from which you are downloading Darkness Rises apk file is authentic and trusted or not.

What happens in Darkness Rises?

From the world-shaking Berserker to the wizard, legendary heroes are waiting for you and beckoning. Character adaptation allows you to customise your character by selecting from a variety of classes that suit your playing style. With a rush of deadly powers, hack and strike your way through terrifying monsters. Enter the PvP arena and use your strength to defeat other players. This massive role-playing game pits players against demons and other horrors. Overpower the darkness before it has the possibility to conquer you.

Key Features

Epic boss battles

This roleplaying game has hard boss encounters that put your skills to the test. As you progress deeper into the abyss, the PvE battles grow more intense.

Best role-playing game experience

Immerse yourself in the world of Darkness Rises with magnificent visuals. Use the Soul Link talent to acquire control of monsters and turn your opponents against themselves in this fantasy RPG. Take legendary characters on dungeon adventures — assemble your allies and explore dangerous dungeons in search of unusual loot. Join a guild and build a warrior clan.


How to improve and upskill the team in darkness rises?

The chests are the most important way to upgrade your equipment. Equip it as soon as you receive a better piece than the one you have. And if you have components that you don’t utilise because they’re bad, give them up to improve the ones that do. In return for tickets and gems, you can also modify or adjust the features of the objects by adding jewels. So you go to the blacksmith every now and then since it can help you blend jewels and runes to boost your team.

How can guns and armour be made more effective?

Upgrading gear: Upgrading gear allows you to increase anything to its maximum level and progress to the next rank by utilising upgrade stones. Fusing Gear: It combines two items of the same rank to create a brand-new item of the next or enhanced level.

How to upgrade characters in darkness rise?

You can enhance your characters in a variety of ways. Equipment and custom chests, cleaning levels, and collecting enhancement items are just some of the ways you can improve your game. But, in the end, you’ll need essence and coins to upgrade your assault, defence, life, critic, and other skills. It is suggested that you increase all of the statistics by at least 5 levels before focusing on the ones that interest you the most.

What are the 4 hero classes?

Warrior Guide The warrior (a tank) and the magician are the easiest characters to control in Darkness Rises (very balanced). The warrior has a lot of life and can deal a lot of damage. A gentleman who uses a long sword to conduct dynamic and stunning attacks. To be a balanced, adaptable combatant, he uses a number of skills. Wizard Guide Wizard guide for Darkness Rises: The wizard has a strong capacity to attack from afar. The Assistant is a different class. A powerful magician who casts spells with an enchanted staff, the elements’ orders stand out in distance warfare.

Berserker Guide The Berserker has a lot of life and can cause a lot of damage as well, but it is sluggish and more difficult to control. A combat between a deranged berserker and his opponents, who are pummelling with his axe. Some foes can endure a barrage of attacks. Assassin Guide While the Assassin does not have a lot of health or damage, he has incredible speed, which you must learn to employ. A dexterous assassin who wields double swords with mastery. Shoot a tornado of blows at the enemy.


Furthermore, the game will reward you with up to 5,000 diamonds for going through the tale, various achievements, and PvP activities, which you can then use to buy more chests. We actually recommend getting the 10x costume chest combo, which assures at least one A to S+ item, because there are many possibilities for upgrading armour but none for upgrading costumes. Meanwhile, special events will be held on a regular basis, giving you the opportunity to purchase more high-quality items.

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