HotStar PC Download (Windows 7/8/10)

For many years, HotStar TV has been a key player in the broadcasting of Indian television. But, with the launch of an all-new service, HotStar, it has lately earned yet another increase in popularity. The revolutionary TV streaming option is the newest addition to the vast list of HotStar capabilities. We’ll take a quick look at whatever Hotstar has to offer and key features along with frequently asked questions. 

Today we will discuss the perfect solution to Download HotStar on your Laptop or Desktop Machine with Windows and Mac Operating systems. Yes! Now lets get the tutorial started!

HotStar PC Download
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Method 1: How to Install HotStar on PC for Free

You must use an Android emulator to install HotStar on your Laptop or Desktop because there is no official version offered on the Windows OS and MAC system.

Follow this step-by-step procedure to install HotStar on your Laptop or PC:

Step 1: First of all, we need an Android emulator. You can use your favorite one. In this instance, Bluestacks will be used. Bluestacks is available for free download from the official website.

download bluestacks

Step 2: Once downloaded, install it on your Laptop or PC.

install bluestacks

Step 3: Now complete the login procedure.

sign in with google account

Step 4: Now search for HotStar on the Google play store.

search HotStar on play store

Step 5: Once you find the correct and official app, click on the Install button and the installation will start automatically on your emulator.

install HotStar

Step 6: Once the app/game is installed, you can see HotStar icon on your desktop. To launch the Game, click on it.

open HotStar

And it is done! This is the simplest method for downloading HotStar for a Desktop or Laptop and using it on Windows or MAC.

Method 2: How to Install HotStar on PC using APK File

You can use the second way if the first technique fails to download HotStar from the Google play store.

We will Run apk file to install it on the emulator in this approach. Let’s start!

Step 1: The first step is to get an Android emulator, install it, and run it. You are free to choose any of your choices. I am going to use Bluestacks in this case. Bluestacks can be downloaded from its official website.

Step 2: Simply install it on your Desktop or Laptop machine after you have downloaded it. You can omit the login process because HotStar apk file is being used to install the Game.

Step 3: Collect the apk file and drag it into the Android emulator to begin the installation process.

Step 4: After that, you can use this game on your Laptop or PC in the same fashion that we did previously.

Please note that it is very important to make sure that the source from which you are downloading HotStar apk file is authentic and trusted or not.

How to get started?

You’ll need a HotStar receiver that supports the HotStar 3000 technology to get started. Many online, mobile, and mobile phone retailers in India provide these as free gadgets or for a small membership fee. If you want to watch free HotStar movies on HotStar streaming, you’ll need a HotStar receiver. Participation in the programme also necessitates a complimentary HotStar VIP subscription. You have access to unique HotStar channels, as well as news, weather, and other information, in addition to obtaining free movies. You’ll need a HotStar account to fully enjoy the benefits of this incredible technology.

HotStar customers have access to a wide library of quality Indian TV shows, sports events, films, and telecasts from India and around the world. You can stream live television from your HotStar receiver or any other HotStar capable device by going to the ‘My HotStar’ website. By connecting to their HotStar account, viewers may catch up on their favourite live events.

Features of Hotstar


You may also purchase any of the various HotStar Ziplocs that come pre-boxed and ready to be sent to your house with a free VIP account. In India, HotStar Ziplocs are commonly seen in establishments that sell supermarket coupons. HotStar Ziploc packets are also available in mobile phone stores. The voucher code entered during checkout will be applied to your HotStar account, and you will receive an automatic voucher code for future usage with the same retailer.

Web Series

The HotStar web series streaming capability is also available. The web portal will send you updates about new HotStar episodes and movies once you have submitted your email address. You have the option of choosing which HotStar series you want to watch. You can view as many episodes as you want for the price of your subscription. You can even subscribe to receive updates about your favourite character’s life if you’re a fan of a particular web series. These Star India channels offer on-demand shows:

  • Star Plus
  • Star Bharat
  • Star Maa
  • Star Jalsha
  • Star Pravah
  • Star Utsav
  • Star Vijay
  • Star Suvarna
  • Asianet

How to cancel a subscription?

There are two ways to terminate your HotStar subscription. The first option is to contact customer service, and the second is to use the HotStar Android app. You can cancel your subscription using either option. You will not be able to terminate your HotStar account without providing a reason. The customer service line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can contact a customer service professional at any time. To speak with a live professional, please click the online symbol.

What more to know?

On HotStar’s website, you can discover all of the information you need. In the near future, HotStar intends to expand its service to include more TV channels and premium content. A HotStar subscription is incredibly inexpensive, and you can join up for a premium online account at HotStar’s official website right now. You will receive a voucher code when you pay for your HotStar premium membership, which you can use to claim perks such as free DVD rentals, movie tickets, and cashback.

You may also use the link to download the Hotstar app. Consider a membership package with HotStar if you’re looking for a new service provider that offers economical home entertainment options. You may start experiencing the best of India’s offerings in the shape of premium channels and live cricket matches in just a few minutes after registering.


HotStar is a premium service for cricket fans in India who enjoy watching live matches. In comparison to cable and satellite television, it is a cost-effective solution. With the help of HotStar, cricket fans can now effortlessly follow their favourite team from anywhere in the country. It allows users to watch their favourite team from anywhere in the country at a low cost. 

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