Ibis Paint X Download for Windows PC

Hey! In this article, you will find the full procedure to download and install Ibis Paint X Application for free on your Desktop or Laptop machine with Windows or MAC. Let’s dive straight into it!  

Ibis Paint X is a free drawing app for Android that, like Drawpile and PicsArt, allows you to create artwork to your heart’s delight. Brushes, fonts, filters, screen tones, blends, and ruler features are among the 2,700 materials available. There’s also a recording feature and a number of video tutorials.

Title ibis Paint X
Size 26M
Developer ibis inc.
Category Art & Design
Requires Windows 7, 8, or 10
Downloads 100,000,000+

Method 1: How to Install Ibis Paint X on PC for Free

You must use an Android emulator to install Ibis Paint X Application on your Desktop or Laptop because there is no official version offered on the Windows System and MAC.

To setup Ibis Paint X app on your Laptop, Desktop or PC, follow the steps below:

Step 1: First and primarily, we need an Android emulator. You are free to use any emulator of choice. In this case, I am going to use Bluestacks. You can download Bluestacks from its official website.

download bluestacks

Step 2: Install it on your Laptop or Desktop after you have downloaded it

install bluestacks

Step 3: Now you have to finish the sign-in process.

sign in with google account

Step 4: Now go to the Google play store looking for Ibis Paint X app.

search Ibis Paint X on play store

Step 5: Once you have found the correct and official app, click the install button, and the app will be automatically installed on your emulator.

install Ibis Paint X

Step 6: Ibis Paint X application icon will show on your desktop once the app has been installed. Click on it to launch the App.

open Ibis Paint X

And that is it! This is the simplest method for obtaining Ibis Paint X app for a PC or Laptop that can be used on both Windows OS and MAC OS.

Method 2: How to Install Ibis Paint X on PC using APK File

If you are experiencing any problems while downloading Ibis Paint X application from the Google play store using the first method, you can try this second approach.

We will use the apk file of this Application to install it on the emulator in this method. Let’s go!

Step 1: First, download, install and run an Android emulator. You can use any of your choices. Here I am going to use Bluestacks. Bluestacks can also be downloaded from the official website.

Step 2: Install it on your Desktop or Laptop after you have downloaded it. Because Ibis Paint X Application apk file is being used to install the App, you can skip the login step.

Step 3: Next, get the apk file and drag and drop the file on the android emulator to start the installation.

Step 4: After that, you can use this App on your Laptop, Desktop or PC in the same manner as we did in the previous technique.

Please keep in mind that it is critical to ensure that the source from which you are downloading Ibis Paint X app apk file is authentic and trusted.

While the free version features obnoxious advertisements, you can pay a one-time price to get them removed. There is also a Prime version that provides you access to VIP things, but the free version is more than sufficient because it includes advanced features.

What exactly is Ibis Paint X?

As previously said, the Ibis app is a versatile and widely used app. You may use the programme to create your own illustrations, which you can then use in presentations, films, and advertisements. The programme includes over 2000 elements, 379 brushes, 800 fonts, 27 mixing modes, 66 filters, and 46 screen tones to help you create your designs. These are only a handful of the app’s many wonderful capabilities; others include a stroke stabilisation function and ruler features. All of these are set up to allow you to draw great pictures on your phone or computer.

Key features of Ibis Paint X

Killer brush

379 different brushes are included in the app to add to the fun of drawing. Digital pens, felt-tip pens, flat brushes, airbrushes, and charcoal brushes are some of the brushes available. All of these brushes have a smooth brush speed of up to 60 frames per second.


Another fantastic feature is the layer function, which allows you to create an infinite number of layers. Different layer properties such as alpha blending, layer opacity, adding, removing, and multiplying are also available.

In-App purchases

The app is initially free, but you can upgrade to the remove advertisements add-on and prime membership for a fee. It will be less expensive to acquire the remove advertisements add-on once you have purchased the premier membership. The advertising will not be deleted if you cancel any of the add-ons.

Added Features

  • The application’s user interface and capabilities make it far superior to other desktop programmes.
  • In addition, the whole drawing experience is quite smooth. The programme makes use of OpenGL technology to provide you with the highest quality drawing experience on your mobile device.
  • You can also make a movie of your entire progress that you can watch at any time.
  • There’s also a social networking feature. You may develop your own skills by watching classes and tutorials on how to become one of the top designers and artists in the world.


What is Ibis Paint X and how does it work?

Ibis Paint X is a drawing programme with a number of professional capabilities to make your artwork look like a work of art. You can use a variety of brushes and filters, some of which have Anime influences. You can share your work with others using the app’s share option.

The best features of Ibis Paint X?

You may utilise the design application’s brushes and layer tools to make your art appear even better. You can smooth the drawing up to 60 frames per second with the brushes. Brushes come in almost 2,000 different varieties. You may generate an unlimited number of layers, which is impressive for a mobile device.

How to use it on Android?

You can choose how to begin your blank canvas after you download and install Ibis Paint X. If you’re not sure where to start, you can watch online tutorials on the developer’s YouTube account. You can even record your drawing process to create your own tutorials for your feeds using the app.

Develop your skills as an Android artist.

Ibis Paint X is great for aspiring artists who don’t want to spend all day at a computer creating fresh artwork. If you’re trapped in a boring meeting or on the way home on the train, you can finish your artistic creation on your phone. It’s easy to use regardless of where you are.


Despite the advertisements that come with the free account, many individuals have enjoyed using the programme to make illustrations. The app’s features outperform many PC drawing tools, making it a solid choice for both novice and professional artists.



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