Last Day on Earth Download for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Hi folks, I have compiled a comprehensive step-by-step downloading and installation tutorial of Last Day on Earth game on your PC or Laptop with MAC OS and Windows. And it is free! Let’s begin with the Tutorial!

Last Day on Earth (LDOE) is a genuine action-survival game that immerses players in a massive post-apocalyptic universe through top-down adventure features. It’s crafting, leveling, and dungeon mechanics are impressive, but the rewards and activities make it worthwhile. It also allows users to collaborate to build bases or raid other players for additional resources and goodies. Last Day on Earth’s entire environment is intended as an overworld, and players will need to invest time or stamina to change locations. Each area on the map is meticulously prepared, given the variety of minerals, food, materials, and environment. Some dangerous locations, such as dungeons, are also useful for gathering crafting materials or levelling up by fighting the undead.

Last Day on Earth: Survival
Title Last Day on Earth: Survival
Size Varies with device
Developer Kefir!
Category Action
Requires Windows 7, 8, or 10
Downloads 100,000,000+

Method 1: How to Install Last Day on Earth on PC for Free

Because there is no official version available on the Windows and Mac Operating systems, you must use an Android emulator to install Last Day on Earth Game on your Laptop or Desktop Machine.

Follow this step-by-step guide to install Last Day on Earth Game on your Laptop or Desktop Machine:

Step 1: First and primarily, we need an Android emulator. You can use your favorite one. In this instance, Bluestacks will be used. You can download Bluestacks from its official website.

download bluestacks

Step 2: Install it on your Desktop or Laptop after you have downloaded it.

install bluestacks

Step 3: Login to your Google account now.

sign in with google account

Step 4: Now go to the Google play store looking for Last Day on Earth Game.

search Last Day on Earth on play store

Step 5: Simply click the install button to install an acceptable and official Game on your emulator after you have found it.

install Last Day on Earth

Step 6: Once the Game is installed, you can see Last Day on Earth game icon on your desktop. Simply click on the game to begin using it.

open Last Day on Earth

And that is done! This is the easiest technique for accessing Last Day on Earth game for a PC or Laptop to use on MAC and Windows System.

Method 2: How to Install Last Day on Earth on PC using APK File

In case, you are facing any error while downloading Last Day on Earth game from the Google app store following the first method, you can try this second method.

In this technique, we must use an apk file of this game to run it on the emulator. Let us get started!

Step 1: The first step is to download, install, and run an Android emulator. You have freedom to choose any emualator. I am going to try Bluestacks today. You can procure Bluestacks from the official website.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded it, consider installing it on your Laptop or Desktop Machine. You can omit the login process because Last Day on Earth Game apk file is being used to install the game.

Step 3: Grab the apk file and drag it into the Android emulator to initiate the installation process.

Step 4: Once installed, you can use this game on your Laptop or Desktop Machine in the same way that we discussed in our previous method.

Important Note: When using this method, make sure you only download Last Day on Earth Game apk file from genuine and trusted sources.

Simple yet Intriguing Survival Gameplay

Although the game is played from the top down, the control techniques and features encourage players to think about survival. During the game, the player must collect various items to increase their quality of life, such as wood, iron, and items, as well as repel any zombie attacks when they arrive at the base. They must also travel to other places in quest of more modern materials in order to develop advanced weaponry and tools.

Build the toughest base

The base-building system in Last Day on Earth is the most original and impressive, allowing players to customise their habitats in a variety of ways. The player can refine endless materials and produce parts for crafting or manufacturing from the base. They can also employ better materials instead of new ones to update all facilities, structures, and walls, as well as place furniture or stations for housing diversity.

Bunker deep and dark

Bunkers are dungeons peculiar to Last Day on Earth, where the player faces actual problems as they progress further into the ground. However, it resets all progress after a week, so the further a player travels, the more rewards they obtain. When players get their hands on new weaponry, the bunkers will be the first to introduce new varieties of enemies, making combat more interesting and intense.

Trade & loot the air cash

Trade is a common activity among the post-apocalyptic world’s surviving traders, although they never provide the essential items. Everything they get from the trader is random but valuable, and they can only get some rare stuff from plane crashes. Players will occasionally come across large mishaps when travelling the world, and these are spots with a lot of loot but also a lot of danger. Fans can expect more exciting post-apocalyptic survivalist content from Last Day on Earth. It also offers a cooperative mode that allows players to form powerful survival communities and embark on exciting adventures to new locations.

Key features of the game

  • Create a character and set out to explore the area. A house, weapons, clothing, and an all-terrain vehicle can all be built here.
  • As you level up, you have access to new recipes and blueprints. Begin by customising your home, then add talents, upgrade your weapons, and have fun.
  • Pets are a beacon of hope in a zombie-infested world. Huskies and shepherd dogs are eager to help retrieve items from high places.
  • Build a swift Chopper, ATV, or watercraft to go to remote areas. Rare and difficult-to-find supplies aren’t inexpensive. It’s time to bring your inner mechanic back to life.
  • Visit Crater City if you appreciate cooperative gaming. Then you’ll understand how important PvP is. Join a clan and experience the closeness of the pack!
  • If you’ve survived it this far, Soldier, you’ve amassed a collection of weapons that would make even the most seasoned gamer envious. They include bats, miniguns, M16, Mortar, AK-47, C4, and a range of other weapons.
  • Zombie raiders, bodies of water, and other curiosities Either fight or flee. Stay alive at all costs!
  • You were successful. It doesn’t matter who you are or were. Hello, dreadful world…


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