Resso app for PC Download (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Hello, In this article, I have compiled everything about downloading and installing Resso app app for free on your Laptop or PC with Windows OS and MAC OS. Lets skip to the good part!

Resso App is a new music streaming app developed by Bytedance, the parent organization of TikTok. Currently, the app is available in Indonesia and India. This software allows you to express yourself to others and connect with them via the music you enjoy.

Resso Music - Songs & Lyrics
Title Resso Music – Songs & Lyrics
Size 103M
Developer Moon Video Inc.
Category Music & Audio
Requires Windows 7, 8, or 10
Downloads 100,000,000+

Method 1: How to Install Resso app on PC for Free

You would need to have an Android emulator to install Resso app app on your Desktop or Laptop machine because there is no official version provided on the Windows or MAC.

To install Resso app app on your PC, Desktop or Laptop, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Grabbing an Android emulator is the first and most important step. You may choose any popular emulator of choice. Bluestacks will be setup in this case. Bluestacks can be downloaded for free from the official website.

download bluestacks

Step 2: Install it on your Laptop or Desktop Machine after you have downloaded it

install bluestacks

Step 3: Now you have to finish the sign-in process.

sign in with google account

Step 4: Then, go to the Google play store and look for Resso app app.

search Resso app on play store

Step 5: Once you find the correct and official application, click on the Install button and the installation of the app will start automatically on your emulator.

install Resso app

Step 6: Once the App has been installed, Resso app app icon will appear on your desktop. To start it up, click on app.

open Resso app

And that is done! This is the easiest technique for accessing Resso app App for a PC or Laptop to use on MAC OS and Windows.

Method 2: How to Install Resso app on PC using APK File

If you are experiencing any problems while downloading Resso app app from the Google play store using the first method, you can try this second approach.

We will Run the apk file of this app to install it on the emulator in this approach. Let’s get down to business!

Step 1: The first step is to get an Android emulator, install it, and run it. You are free to select any of your favorite emulator. I am going to use Bluestacks in this case. Bluestacks can also be downloaded from the official website.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded it, consider installing it on your PC or Laptop. Because Resso app App apk file is being used to install the app, you can skip the login step.

Step 3: Next, get the apk file and drag and drop the file on the android emulator to start the installation.

Step 4: Once installed, you can use this Application on your Desktop or Laptop machine in the same way that we did in our previous method.

Important Note: Only get Resso app App apk file from reputable and trusted sources while using this method.

The level of involvement among users is one of Resso App’s distinguishing features. The programme is touted as a “social music app” that allows users to share tracks and provide comments on other people’s music. They can also listen to full-length music tracks and share them with others. This function is displayed prominently in the Play Store, giving the Resso App an advantage over other music streaming apps on the market.

TikTok, the enormously popular social media app, gained a lot of traction early on by allowing users to make amusing lip-synced versions of well-known songs and then share them with their friends (its predecessor in the West was even called Musically). Now, TikTok’s owner, China’s ByteDance, is finally doubling down on the music link with the launch of its first independent full music streaming app, which will launch in India first.

Resso, which the firm characterises as a “social music streaming app,” was released. Users will be encouraged to share lyrics, comments, and other user-generated content with one another, as well as full-length music songs that they can consume and share with others. The music starts playing automatically as soon as you open the app.

Its Pricing

Unlike its sister app TikTok, which is free to use and based on an ad-based strategy, Resso is opting for the freemium model, which has been adopted by a number of other major music apps, including Spotify. A free tier contains adverts and limited streaming quality to 128 kbps; a premium, ad-free tier costs INR 99 ($1.35) for Android and INR 119 ($1.62) on iOS and raises streaming quality to 256 kbps, adds downloads, and the ability to skip tracks. Resso is mum on why the iOS version costs more.

What does the app offer?

Your music, your imagination

You may engage and enjoy the music in a new way with videos, gifs, and photos with the assistance of this software; you can do the following:

Add videos to your favourite songs.

To convey your feelings on the tunes, upload gifs.

Add photos to express your feelings about your favourite songs.

Your tone of voice, your words

You can express your mood by selecting your favourite quote and sharing it on social media accounts with this app.

Your community, your playlists

This programme allows you to effortlessly construct a playlist of your favourite tracks and share it with the rest of the community.

Your thoughts, your music

You can use this app to listen to your favourite music and leave comments on the tracks to convey your feelings.

The App Licensing

Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Merlin, and The Beginners Group all licence worldwide music to the Resso app. T-Series, Saregama, YRF Music, Zee Music, Times Music, Tips, Venus, and Shemaroo, as well as Speed Records, Lahiri Music, Anand Audio, Divo, and Muzik 24X7, all have country music licencing rights.


The music streaming market in India is fiercely competitive. Spotify, Ghana, Apple Music, Jio Savaan, and YouTube Music are among the installed apps that Resso must compete with. Tik Tok’s success was due to the fact that it was Rousseau’s first time. There is a slew of current music streaming applications with similar collections, such as Resso Community, where users interact and express themselves in an app that is unlike any other.


What exactly is the Resso application?

ByteDance, the parent firm of TikTok, has created Resso, a “social music streaming app.”

Is Resso a native Indian app?

Resso isn’t an Indian application at all. It’s a Chinese programme.

Is the Resso app prohibited in India?

It is not prohibited in India. This app is still available on the Google Play Store, despite the prohibition of 118 Chinese apps.



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